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Travel to Barbados from the United Kingdom: what are the Covid testing and quarantine rules?

In this article, we've detailed the Covid-19 testing and quarantine rules for entry to Barbados from the UK based upon our understanding of the current rules. As entry requirements can change at short notice, always check the official government websites before you book!

Pre-entry requirements for Barbados

Most travellers are able to enter Barbados under certain conditions. 

You should make sure to check additional requirements such as passport validity and/or visa requirements. 

All passengers are required to submit an Embarkation/Dismebarkation (ED) card 24 hours prior to travel, to which they must upload their negative test result, via Travel Form. You are also able to use the BIMSafe app, downloadable in app stores. 

As mentioned above, you must also present a negative test result for a Rapid PCR or Rapid Antigen test taken up to 1 day prior to arrival or an RT-PCR test taken no more than 3 days before arrival in Barbados. 

This test must be:

a) Either an RT-PCR, a Rapid PCR or a Rapid Antigen Test

Rapid antigen tests can also be called Lateral Flow Tests (or LFT). RT-PCR tests are used for the detection of Covid-19, these can sometimes be called PCR tests on provider websites. 

CTN Tip: Check how the result will be provided to you directly on your chosen provider website. 

b) Taken by a healthcare professional 

CTN Tip: You can view in-clinic providers by following our simple question flow. In selecting a test for travel to Barbados, we will show you a list of providers that will take your sample for you.

c) Performed by an accredited, certified or recognized facility

CTN Tip: Relevant test accrediting bodies and standards authorities include: ISO 15189, ISO 17025, CAP, UKAS or the equivalent. You can find this information on the provider websites where they should mention if they have received any official accreditation.

It cannot be:

a) A self-administered test (meaning that you cannot self-swab, even if the sample is taken under the supervision of a healthcare provider)

b) A Saliva Test

c) A Home Test Kit (as you are not permitted to take the sample yourself)

N.B. If you have recovered from recently diagnosed COVID-19 and your pre-flight PCR test is still positive, you should bring a letter from your medical practitioner with lab test results showing the date of diagnosis and recovery. You may be obliged on arrival to complete an assessment at one of the government isolation facilities for up to 48 hours before being released from quarantine.

What are the rules for children?

Children below the age of 5 are exempt from testing. 

Post-entry requirements for Barbados

Note: Rules differ depending on your vaccination status.

If you are fully vaccinated

Accepted vaccines for Barbados are as follows: AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, Sinopharm, Sinovac, Sputnik V, Novavax.

A number of fully vaccinated arrivals will be randomly chosen to have a rapid antigen test. There is no requirement to quarantine, as the result will be made available very quickly.

If you are not fully vaccinated

Unvaccinated arrivals will be quarantined at approved facilities (a designated holding hotel, approved villa or a government facility at your own expense) and undergo a second PCR test 4 days after arrival. 

You will need to remain in your hotel room and may be required to wear an electronic tracking bracelet until you receive the results of your second test.

A villa should be self-contained and should only be used by the party of each reservation. If you choose to quarantine in a villa, this must be registered with the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA) and managed by a villa management company.

Groups comprising fully vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers

If a fully vaccinated adult is travelling with an unvaccinated adult, 18 years and older, and they choose not to be separated, then the rules applied to the unvaccinated traveller will also apply to the fully vaccinated traveller.

What are the rules for transit through Barbados?

All travellers are still required to take a test prior to arrival and fill in the travel form, regardless of how long they are staying on the island.

Transit for fully vaccinated people

If you are fully vaccinated, in transit you must undergo a health assessment on arrival and may need to undergo a rapid antigen test prior to departure. You are free to use the transportation of your choice for departure from the airport. 

Transit for fully unvaccinated people

If you are not fully vaccinated and are staying overnight in Barbados, you are required to quarantine at a pre-approved facility. You must use designated transportation providers for their transport from the airport to your pre-approved accommodation. You will not be allowed to leave your rooms/suites unless you are returning to the airport.

At CTN we present guidance for travel testing as you work through our comparison tool. 

You can find out more about testing requirements for Barbados a well as a list of providers suitable for your journey, by following the button below:

Information last reviewed: 08/03/2022

Written by Maeve Sally

Published on 04/02/2022 


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