Easy places to travel to
Easter holiday destinations with no Covid requirements

With Covid restrictions easing and the Easter holidays around the corner, many people are thinking of travelling for the first time in a few years.

At CTN, we understand the importance of hassle free travel, so we have compiled a list of the countries with minimal entry restrictions, especially when it comes to children, so that you can make your holiday plans a little easier.

The following countries have no vaccination or testing requirements, meaning you can travel there without needing to take a test or proving you are fully vaccinated, and you don’t need to quarantine or test once you arrive at your destination. They also do not require tests for children, which means the whole family can go on holiday without the extra cost of pre-travel Covid testing.

Be aware: some of these countries will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire before travelling and there may also be pre-established (non-Covid) entry requirements that apply! Make sure you check the full country requirements before travelling. You can do that by following our question flow:

The Middle East

Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have no testing or quarantine restrictions. For Saudi Arabia, you will only need to fill out a health questionnaire before travelling.

The Caribbean and Central America

Enjoy a Caribbean break in Costa Rica and Curaçao with no testing or quarantine restrictions. You will need specific Covid medical insurance before travelling to Costa Rica, but children are exempted. You will also need to complete a health questionnaire for all travellers. Travelling to El Salvador and Mexico is also easy as you won’t need to carry out any testing or quarantine.

European options closer to home

Fancy a holiday closer to home? Both Ireland and The Netherlands recently removed all their entry restrictions.

Some time in the sun

If you’re tired of the grey British weather, a trip to Gibraltar, Madeira or the Maldives might be what you need. There are no Covid requirements for Gibraltar and Maderia, and for the Maldives you will only need to fill out a health form 72h before arriving and leaving the country.

A Scandinavian holiday

Most Scandinavian countries have removed all entry restrictions: you can now fly to Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Iceland without taking a fit to fly tests or quarantine.

A Central European break

Looking for a European break? Slovenia, Hungary and Romania are perfect destinations for an Easter holiday trip filled with culture and beautiful scenery. None of these three countries have any testing restrictions, although all children must complete a Digital Passenger Locator Form 24 hours before arrival in Slovenia.

Please remember that although these countries do not require testing, some airlines may have additional requirements including tests. Always check with your airline or travel provider before travelling.

Written by Isabel Barrios Pérez-Coca
Published on 31/03/2022

Isabel is a Data and Research Specialist and is involved in the operation, research, data management and logistics of running the website.

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