We've partnered with Scientists on standby as part of our fight against Covid-19. Scientist's on standby have created an intensive list of scientists across the UK who can help support UK testing in Laboratories. We'll be working with when required to help plug scientists into Lab's who are working with the COVID-19 Volunteer Testing Network to ramp up testing efforts for local GP's and healthcare workers. 



We've partnered with ProjectLittleBoat who are helping the nations fight against COVID-19 by securing and supplying vital equipment and tests. We'll be working with ProjectLittleBoat to ensure that all of the labs on the network have enough consumables and equipment to start testing. By working with ProjectLittleBoat we are speeding up the onboarding of our labs and their ability to begin testing on healthcare workers.



We’ve partnered with UK top 100 law firm Stevens & Bolton LLP. Their Life Sciences team are assisting us on a pro bono basis with getting to grips with the legal framework within which we operate, and putting in place and advising on contracts and other legal issues involved in setting up and running the Covid-19 Volunteer Network.



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