Eliminate risks. Work together safely.

Occupational Health companies are uniquely placed to offer reassurance to employees as to their health and wellbeing against the backdrop of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Where correct PPE and regular handwashing can provide limited reassurance, regular testing of the entire workforce is the most effective way to ensure a workplace stays virus free.  A well planned programme needs to be incorporated seamlessly into the weekly schedule and provide that reassurance to staff that they are safe to be in work and not silent carriers or transmitters of Covid-19.  

However, an Occupational health specialist doesn't apply just to the testing phase. Their role will cover all phases of a Covid-19 workplace programme, including logistical and safety structures that are in line with government guidelines.

Before designing project plans, risk assessments will first be carried out by occupational health specialists in assistance with business teams and Covid Testing Network to decipher key logistics of a plan, such as which employees will need testing and the volume of testing per day/week. Consent is required from all employees that will be tested, the set-up of this phase and continual staff support can be assisted by an Occupational Health specialist.

Cutting edge science. Fast, reliable results.

Our experienced nationwide network of ISO certificated laboratories delivers results within a 24-hour turnaround electronically, allowing a minimal timeframe for the virus to spread.

We have worked with a number of Occupational Health providers to provide pool testing.  Pool testing is a cutting edge development which allows testing to be scaled up tenfold without sacrificing any accuracy or sensitivity.  To read more about pool testing, click here.

Build a simple, effective partnership.

Our account management and delivery teams will quickly set up an end-to-end process with the Occupational Health provider, finding a suitable lab to send out the correct number of swabs to the client as soon as required, and advising how to interpret the results. We offer a variety of affordable plans to suit different requirements and budgets. All tests are processed in ISO accredited laboratories adhering to the highest standards.


The Covid Testing Network is highly respected across the healthcare sector. If you'd like more information or to discuss testing options for your business, please contact our Account Management team [email protected] .


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