Coffee-break webinars: Occupational Health & PCR Test Planning
As the UK gets back to work, join Covid Testing Network's expert team as they share insights from across a host of sectors. We'll look at how the demands of different workplace environments are influencing the decisions made around PCR testing plans, from the film set of a block-buster movie to local authorities supporting rough sleepers. 

Friday 7th August 10.30-10.45 am

All systems go - Engineering


Managing large scale public-private partnership projects presents a host of logistical challenges. Hear how some of the biggest UK projects are managing their workplace testing.

Take out: How to build a bespoke testing plan that adapts across a workplace.

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Tuesday 11th August 10.30-10.45 am

Keeping the nation fed - Food & Drink Producers


Join our team as they share their experiences of working with leading names in the food & drink industry. Hear how PCR antigen testing plans are being used in the workplace to minimise disruption to production and distribution and protect the brand and it's workforce.

Take out: How testing plans can adapt to the food processing environment.

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Wednesday 12th August 10.30-10.45 am

Back to school - Independent schools sector


Independent schools are turning to bespoke PCR testing plans to support a safe return to school for UK and international students and staff. Hear from the team as they share their insights and address some of the challenges that schools have had to consider.

Take out: How schools are using bespoke testing plans to meet the needs of their community and locality

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Background to this series


Back in Spring, in the early days of lockdown when the government was trying desperately to secure Covid-19 testing kits, the idea of testing in the commercial work environment - taking supply away from the NHS - was far from employer’s minds.


But times have changed. High quality PCR testing kits are now plentiful, labs have geared up their testing capacity, pricing has become affordable and the advantages of workplace testing are becoming clear.


We’re now seeing a rapid growth in demand for bespoke PCR testing plans for workplaces, driven by Occupational Health Providers, on behalf of their clients. The Covid testing Network team have been working with providers, to create plans designed to meet the demands of different industries.


This series of 15 minute coffee break webinars looks at the merits of partial or full workforce testing, from one-off back-to-work to bi-weekly tests. We look at how occupational health providers are working with trailblazing workplaces to provide PCR testing to protect their clients organisations, employees and their local communities from a second wave of Covid-19.

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