Unless otherwise stated, country entry restrictions information was last updated on 07/11/2022 and is no longer being actively monitored.

United Kingdom to Mexico
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Testing requirements
Fully vaccinated
If you're fully vaccinated, no tests are required for travel to Mexico. Check how you can show proof of vaccination in the Vaccination or Previous infection section.
Not Fully vaccinated
Covid-19 tests are not part of the entry requirements for travel from the UK to Mexico.

  • Some travel providers may require a negative test prior to travel. Always check before your journey. View Fit to Fly providers
Pre-Arrival Requirements
Applies to everyone
  • If entering Mexico as a tourist, an immigration official will determine the number of days you can remain in Mexico and note it on your migration form (‘Forma Migratoria Múltiple’ or FMM). The maximum length granted for a tourism-related trip is 180 days but this maximum number of days is not always granted. You should refer to the migration form to check the duration granted.
Post-Arrival Requirements
Fully vaccinated
There are no testing or quarantine requirements after arrival in Mexico.
Not Fully vaccinated
There are no testing or quarantine requirements after arrival in Mexico.
Rules for Children
There are no testing requirements for children travelling to Mexico.
Additional Resources
If required by your airline, cruise operator or your accommodation, you can compare Fit to Fly tests here.
Further information
  • If you are travelling through another country or territory (including transit stops or layovers) before you arrive in Mexico, please also check the Entry requirements for travel from that country.
See where we get our information
  • https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/mexico/entry-requirements
  • https://embamex.sre.gob.mx/argentina/index.php/avisos/513-ingresomex
Information is sourced from gov.uk at the time of listing and only includes testing requirements. Always check full requirements on the UK Government website and via your travel operator including any additional conditions for entry (required documentation, quarantine etc.). Be aware: some destinations aren't currently accepting travellers from the UK!

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