Back to work in 2021

As businesses consider how they can bring back their employees into the offices, once it is safe to do so in 2021, they must also take steps to prevent employees from bringing Covid-19 back into the corporate workplace.  Testing for Covid- 19 could save your organisation a lot of complex decisions about how to ensure the safe return of your staff to work and help you have a practical and clear approach to staffing decisions. 

Safeguarding staff from Covid-19 Exposure

Many employees are concerned about returning to the work environment and having to use public transport, especially in the main cities around the UK.  Regular testing workers for Coronavirus could not only prevent the virus's spread, but also boost confidence in employees who are now being asked to come back into the workplace environment. 

Identifying asymptomatic individuals who test positive for Covid-19 prior to returning to work will ensure that they can be self-isolating and not risking infection to others in the workplace.

Minimise disruption to business

A regular testing plan will not only minimise disruption to business but will also reduce absenteeism due to self-isolation.  Testing plans that are put into place will identify those who have been in contact with those who test positive and allow business to monitor micro-clusters of infection and protect people as required before there is a possibility of a mass outbreak within the business.

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