The big picture

Laboratories in the Covid Testing Network have been at the forefront of scientific developments since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Our team has been working around the clock, to make testing more efficient, more affordable and accessible to all. We believe blanket testing of millions of people throughout the population will be a crucial step towards containing and eliminating the coronavirus.

We're on a mission

We're passionate about the service we provide and delivering fast turnaround, high quality results, for our customers. Our PCR tests are the gold standard in Covid-19 testing. Every laboratory in the network is located in the UK and is UKAS accredited. Our mission is to play our part in helping the UK navigate it's way to recovery.

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Mike Fischer CBE

Covid Testing Network was started as a volunteer network by Mike Fischer CBE in March 2020.


Mike directs SBL, an independent non-profit medical research laboratory in Oxfordshire and following suggestions from his team, Mike converted the lab to testing for Covid-19. The lab was quickly able to provide 250-500 tests a week to local NHS health care workers with a half-day turnaround. 


After seeing the impact that testing at SBL had on the local area, Mike wanted to encourage other labs to follow the example, and created the Covid Testing Network, with the hope that it would expand these services and help fight the battle against Covid-19 across the UK. 


The Fischer Family Trust committed £1 million of seed funding to get the project going. 


In May 2020, with increased capacity for high quality PCR testing, a contract for the Department of Health and Social Care in place and an established UK wide network of UKAS accredited ISO laboratories, Covid Testing Network extended it's testing and now provides testing plans for commercial workforces of between 25-10,000 people. 

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Tim Perkin, Co-founder

Covid Testing Network was co-founded by Tim Perkin.


Tim was instrumental in pulling together the initial team of volunteers and helping laboratories source vital consumables to support the DHSC's testing efforts in the early days of the virus.


Subsequently, Tim has led the team in developing it's offer to include a range of commerical testing plans. Tim's commitment to quality, efficiency and best value runs throughout the networks operation's and has won them contracts with leading Occupational Heath Providers and high profile workplaces across a range of sectors. 


Prior to setting up Covid Testing Network, Tim founded a highly successful software company in the education sector after spending his early career in various organisations including Lloyds Banking Group. 

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Andy Kirk, from the The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council's 'Access to Housing Team', shares his experience of delivering a PCR testing plan to support rough sleepers into move on accommodation as part of the governments 'Everyone In' programme

"The testing itself was fast and efficient"


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