How can relevant experts give support to the labs and GP surgeries?

How does the project fit with the Government's testing programme?


It complements the government testing programme by providing additional capacity at a local level with machines operated in-situ at no cost to the NHS. The data on the labs, machines, trained staff, consumables, the number of tests completed, and test outcomes will be shared with the central testing programme.


Who will you be testing?


Initially, you will be working alongside local GP surgeries, providing them with swabs to conduct twice weekly. The surgeries themselves will identify those most at risk; this will include patient-facing staff who are likely to infect others. Therefore, hopefully identifying those who are at risk of spreading. The tests can also help surgeries identify if those already self-isolating due to suspected cases do have the virus. If not, they can return to work and continue to support the public.


We are we looking?


We are looking for experienced scientists, technicians and lab managers who are willing to join other lab's teams, within their laboratories to help conduct the relevant tests.


Alternatively, we are looking for individuals who are relevant experts and would be able to give support to the labs from home.


These frameworks support both our distributed testing network and the Government's National Test Centre's. The needs of the NTC's will have priority.


The COVID-19 Volunteer Testing Network can supply all template legal documentation and letters to cover this project and models to run the process. Please contact us for further information.

I'm a scientist

I'm a Scientist and would like to help by testing in a local lab

I'm a scientist

I'm a Scientist and would like to help by testing in a local lab

Case Study

Pangbourne Surgery


Pangbourne Surgery is a practice with 13,000 patients and nearly shut down due to multiple cases of COVID- 19 across their staff. They needed help confirming and monitoring the virus state to get them back up and running...


Phillip Unwin, Senior Partner, Hart Surgery, Henley.


"Having a test is crucial in helping to stem the spread of this disease and help us at practices to keep fighting."

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