Step 1

Firstly, we will send the swabs needed for the test to your place of work. You can request as many as you need and we will provide the amount you require. 

We are able to work with you to create a bespoke package of testing, regardless of if you have multiple locations with staff that need testing at these locations or 1 location.  We can also work with your occupational health specialist so you have the support and guidance you require.  We recommend a regular testing routine, which can range from daily to weekly to whenever that suits your particular workplace circumstances.

The PCR antigen test works by collecting typically both throat and nose swab samples from employees. Swab testing kits can be self-administered by employees and carefully placed into a sealed tube, this is always recommended to be supervised by an Occupational Health specialist, or testing can be carried out by a healthcare professional.  Covid Testing Network can assist in the arranging an Occupational Health person to be on site for testing, if required.  We can also provide your workplace with one of our guide sheets, which will show employees how they can swab accurately.

Step 2

You will then complete the swab process following the guidance of either an occupational health professional or we can assist you by providing copies of our handy guide sheets so your employees can follow our clear instructions.  We can tailor this depending on your workplace setting and what you require.

Step 3

You get the swab samples back to the lab testing you. This can be through a courier or any other reasonable means and our team will guide you through the details so that we are happy with a way of transporting these swabs back to the labs.

Step 4

Our laboratory staff will conduct the test, using either one-off or pool testing depending on what we have agreed. The results will be return to you electronically.   We offer turnaround times from as short a timeframe as 24 hours and we can work through a timing plan of what makes the most sense for your business, in order to keep your  workplace and employees as safe as possible.


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