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We work closely with leading occupational health providers, private sector business and public sector organisations to provide trusted Covid-19 testing throughout the UK. Our expertise includes...

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Occupational Health Providers


The majority of our workplace testing plans are delivered in partnership with Occupational Health Providers.  Our knowledge, reliability, UK wide network of laboratories, competitive pricing and commitment to high quality testing with same day results makes Covid Testing Network the ideal delivery partner. 


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Productions & Events


Our 24-hour turnaround from sampling to results means production teams can continue working at maximum capacity, ensuring that the show can go on no matter how tight the deadline or budget.



Food Processing and Manufacturing


Conditions in food processing and manufacturing plants have proven to increase the danger of a localised coronavirus outbreak. Rapidly screening frontline workers minimises the risk to staff and public safety. Regular testing of asymptomatic workers reduces the risk of closures. 




Social distancing is not always possible on a site where workers have to sometimes work at close quarters.  Regular workplace screening offers protection to staff, whilst minimising widespread employee absences and the reassurance that systems are in place to control any potential outbreak.


Safeguard your staff by talking to us about our Corporate and office-based plans.  Our Client Services team can talk you through the testing options for specific workplaces including office based teams, corporate headquarters and more 




Prepare for the return of the hospitality sector this spring and summer by talking to us about testing plans.  By testing your asymptomatic employees regularly, you can prevent a virus outbreak from running unchecked through your staff and preventing unmanageable staff absences and reassure your staff and visitors alike that you are doing all that is possible to keep them safe.


Care Homes


Our experienced testing in care homes have benefited staff, patients and families alike, reducing the rate of transmission in care homes and allowing facilities to remain open. Asymptomatic testing reduces the risk of unwittingly spreading the virus among some of the most vulnerable people in society.


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