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Where to buy affordable Covid-19 LFD tests for general screening

From the 1st April, free PCR and Lateral Flow tests will no longer be available to most people in England. Free LFTs will only be made available to people over 75 years old and to over-12s considered to be at risk. This means that you will now have to buy a test if you want to check whether you are negative for your own peace of mind.

Currently, you are able to visit a free testing centre for a PCR test. You can also order up to one box of LFTs every 3 days or pick one up at your local pharmacy. 

After April 1st, these tests will no longer be available for free, but some providers offer diagnostic PCR testing for general (non-travel) use, although this option is likely to cost at least £40.

Can I still buy LFT tests?

Yes, a number of private providers and pharmacies are now offering LFT (rapid antigen) tests you can buy individually or in multipacks, in order to always have peace of mind when visiting loved ones, attending events, or whenever you need it.

You can see a list of providers offering multipacks here:

Although the whole of the UK is heading towards this move, the timings do vary slightly. Scotland will start phasing out free testing from the 1st April but tests will still be available to some people such as healthcare workers until the end of the month; whereas Wales has announced it will keep free testing until the end of June.

The information within this article is accurate at the time of publishing.

Written by Maeve Sally

Published on 31/03/2022 

Maeve heads up the Provider Listings and Delivery Team handling all things operations, research and logistics as well as project managing website developments.

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