Fast F2F PCR tests
Where can I buy fast turnaround Fit to Fly PCR Covid-19 tests?

Do you need a fast PCR test? Are you travelling somewhere that requires a short timeline between test and travel? Maybe you have not been able to organise something in advance and now want to get tested at the airport and receive results as fast as possible. At CTN we understand that getting your result and Fit to Fly certificate as quickly as possible is essential when it comes to travel.

Choosing the right PCR test provider for you is about striking a balance between cost, practicality and turnaround time. Depending on your requirements, one of these may be more important than the other. Indeed, home tests can often be a cheaper option, but they generally have the longest turnaround times. Visiting a clinic can be a hassle free option: someone will often take your sample for you and the advertised turnaround times are usually more accurate than those for home tests, because providers aren’t relying on the postal service, which can cause delays that are out of you and your provider’s control.

Many providers offer a range of turnaround times, usually varying from 48 hours from sampling to results as fast as an hour and a half. Faster turnaround times will come with a premium attached.

Below are two providers that offer turnaround times as fast as 4 hours between sampling and results at competitive rates, with test centres in major UK airports and across London. These are RT-PCR tests and are accepted for travel to most countries.Express Test will take your sample for you and at Katalyst you will need to take your sample yourself, which may be a preference for some but it does mean the test will not be accepted for travel to some countries like Barbados or Portugal.

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Written by Maeve Sally

Published on 30/03/2022 

Maeve heads up the Provider Listings and Delivery Team handling all things operations, research and logistics as well as project managing website developments.

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