The testing process


We deliver the swabs to your workplace. You organise for swabs to be completed following our guidelines, before couriering them back to us. Our highly professional lab staff will handle all the rest, and you will receive your results shortly after submitting the swabs to be tested. For our screening programmes, this process will be conducted with the frequency you require, as often as once a day.

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Why asymptomatic testing?


Asymptomatic testing is vital for slowing the spread of Covid-19, both within your workplace and world-wide. By testing people who don't show symptoms, we can identify and quarantine the infected before they are able to pass the virus on to their colleagues, friends and family. 


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Pool testing


Ask our Client Services team about pool testing. Pool testing is often the best choice for workplaces - it delivers unrivalled economies of scale in terms of cost, without compromising the quality of results. Our team can advise if this is the right choice for your workforce. 


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Testing process


Our accurate and efficient process can be completed fast enough for a next-day result, thanks to the efforts of the hard-working staff in our network of laboratories up and down the country. 


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Andy Kirk, from the The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council's 'Access to Housing Team', shares his experience of delivering a PCR testing plan to support rough sleepers into move on accommodation as part of the governments 'Everyone In' programme

"The testing itself was fast and efficient"

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