Keeping the National food chain going

Food manufacturing and processing is a complex industry, actually comprising of over 30 different industries within it, including meat, poultry and fish processing, grain mills, bakeries and many more.  These industries are already heavily regulated by health and safety and businesses and employers alike have worked hard to ensure employees are protected in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Increased PPE, Perspex screens, one way systems and internal track and trace systems are just some of the ways the industry has responded.   Now that the UK has left the EU, the additional pressures imposed on these businesses mean it is vital to keep operating and staying open.

The country's 430,000+ workers of the Food Manufacturing and Processing industries make a massive contribution to the national food chain and employers are encouraged to ensure they are regularly testing all asymptomatic workers to keep their businesses going and to keep the community, and the food sector, safe.

Spot cases before they spread to others

Widespread testing of the entire workforce enables factories and plants to catch the virus early, quarantining anybody who may test positive and therefore reducing the risk of transmission throughout the operation at a scale that led many to force closures during the first peaks of Covid-19 in 2020. Once a negative test result is issued, factory workers can return to work safely without having to self-isolate for two weeks.  This will mean factories are able to keep open and keep up with the demand for their products and not incur unnecessary costs of having large numbers of employees being forced to isolate.

Contain outbreaks swiftly to prevent localised closures

Covid Testing Network is able to offer results within 24-hours of receiving swabs and getting these swift results will ensure the most robust possible method of keeping the virus outside the factory walls. Having a reliable testing system in place also reassures workers that the likelihood of catching the virus at work via asymptomatic carriers is significantly lower.  

Simple to implement. Rapid response to your requirements.

We supply and collect as many swabs as you require, as frequently as you need. We offer a variety of affordable plans to suit different requirements and budgets. All tests are processed in ISO accredited laboratories adhering to the highest standards.


The Covid Testing Network is highly respected across the food manufacturing sector and we work with the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK to provide testing.   If you'd like more information or to discuss PCR testing options for your production facilities, please contact our Account Management team: [email protected] .


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