Systems-Based Laboratory is an independent non-profit medical research laboratory in Oxfordshire. The lab is dedicated to improving patient treatment options through high quality, collaborative and clinically focused research. SBL has a strong scientific team with a variety of academic and industrial backgrounds. We have particular strengths in all aspects of immunology and molecular biology.


SBL is the founding Laboratory of the COVID-19 Volunteer Testing Network. In March, the lab was converted to testing for COVID-19, and the lab is now providing 250-500 tests a week to local NHS health care workers with a half-day turnaround. This is already making a substantial difference to 18 GP practices in the local area.



Established in 2005, 20/30 Labs is a privately owned UKAS accredited testing laboratory in Northamptonshire. They are proud to be considered one of the UK’s leading microbiological consultancy specialising in the microbiological analysis of waters, the decontamination of medical devices (including, but not limited to endoscopes), automated washer-disinfectors and endoscope drying cabinets.  


Supporting the NHS and healthcare industry is at the heart of their operation and they have joined the COVID-19 Volunteer Testing Network to continue to support healthcare workers during COVID-19 by conducting testing. 



Beggs Lab is a cancer genetics research laboratory based in the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Science at the University of Birmingham. Funded by Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust, the Medical Research Council and the UK National Institute of Health Research, Beggs Lab primarily focusses on colorectal, oesophageal and sarcoma cancers. They collaborate with a number of research institutes across the UK and internationally.

Professor Andrew Beggs and his team converted their laboratory into a COVID-19 testing facility in early April with the aim of being able to carry out up to 10,000 tests a day. They have joined the COVID-19 Volunteer Testing Network to offer their considerable support in helping frontline healthcare workers during COVID-19.



Hammersmith Medicines Research is a Contract Research Organisation who specialise in and provide a full service for phase 1 and early phase 2 studies. HMR has conducted over 850 studies since 1993 and their team of over 250 staff and high-quality trials is why sponsors keep coming back to them.


HMR has already started testing for COVID-19 in staff and patients and is planning on expanding this to frontline staff in the local area throughout April. They are aiming to conduct 100 tests per day. They have joined the COVID-19 Volunteer Testing Network to supplement the testing efforts of the government and help to fight the battle against COVID-19.




Honeyman Group, headquartered in Durham, works within the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and healthcare space to provide: Acclaimed technical design engineering and consultancy for highly purified water systems; Laboratories audited and regulated by the MHRA and FDA; Accredited specialist training pertinent to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance and contamination control.  Recipient of the Queen's Award for Innovation, they have a reputation for working with the leading players in the industry helping to assure compliance in life science.


Honeyman became a member of the COVID-19 Volunteer Testing Network in April and have offered their lab to help with testing frontline healthcare workers.



Davis French & Associates are a damage management and business recovery consultancy based in Yorkshire. They provide scientifically supported and independent expert advice to assist businesses owners, insurers and loss adjusters in assessing the damage caused by floods, fires and other disasters. This includes contamination testing, as well as multiple surveying methods to assess the damage and help return commercial and residential properties back to a pre-incident condition. The team at Davis French & Associates come from a variety of scientific backgrounds.


Given the current circumstances, Davis French & Associates have volunteered to use their equipment and scientific experience to test GPs and local practices, ensuring that frontline healthcare workers can continue to do the vital work they can. They started testing in early April and are already in contact with a number of GPs, care homes, and community care providers in their local area.



Eurofins Agroscience is a research laboratory based in the East Midlands. Part of a multinational organisation, Eurofins seeks to provide sector-leading research into agricultural science. In particular, this research laboratory has a Molecular Diagnostics team which analyses crop and soil particles for the detection of pests and diseases. The team have experience in real-time PCR and ELISA analysis and have worked with a wide range of crop and soil material, making them experts in their field.


Eurofins Agroscience has volunteered to help test frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic given their experience in diagnostics and using real-time PCR. They are actively reaching out to GPs in their local area and are committed to helping ensure healthcare workers get the testing they need.



Censo Biotechnologies has been enabling the discovery and development of new targeted treatments for neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory diseases by using stem cell technology for over 15 years.


Censo Biotechnologies have reconfigured their labs using scientific rigour and a vast amount of effort to get them working to conduct COVID-19 testing. They are planning on conducting at least 500 tests a day to help supplement the government's efforts. Alongside, Covid-19 testing they have been looking at a general anti-viral drug which could treat novel coronavirus if it is developed. They have separated their labs so that they can carry on with these joint efforts concurrently.



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