Keeping hospitality businesses open

Regular testing of asymptomatic employees will ensure that those businesses in the hospitality sector can ensure any employees who test positive are able to be isolated before causing an outbreak within the accommodation or service community.  This allows businesses to manage their staffing levels and remain open in challenging times.

Safety for employees and visitors alike

Guests and visitors to UK hospitality businesses can be reassured that where employees are being regularly tested, their chances of coming into contact with someone with Covid-19 is significantly reduced, giving them an additional layer of protection and security.

Travel will return

With news of vaccines and rapid tests being more widely available in 2021, we hope that both international and domestic visitors will return.  However, it is likely that recovery will likely take longer than in other industries, and will vary across segments. Business and leisure travel will return at different paces but by implementing greater Covid-19 secure measures for their staff, businesses can hope to stay operational until they are able to open more freely.

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