Live TV show with celebrity contestants and judges

Without a studio audience, could the show still go on? With a brief that included demanding rehearsal schedules, prominent public figures necessitating discretion and high levels of confidentiality, geographically dispersed participants during pre-production and a live show meant there was no room for error.

We created bespoke weekly testing programmes with trained clinical samplers attending rehearsals, individual homes and hotels. However, with schedules often changing at short notice to accommodate self-isolation and changing government guidelines, flexibility was crucial.

By working closely with the production team, our Project Lead facilitated same-day, evening and weekend clinician appointments to maintain the production schedule, as well as supplying Home Test kits for those isolating.

But finally, six months of a testing plan in place and a successful series was born.  We provided the highest levels of assurance and continuity to cast and crew across the months of rehearsal resulting in spot on live filming.

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Independent Production company

An independent production company often has a tight budget and each and every member of the crew is vital on the small set.  If the production was forced to pause, or even shut down, the financial consequences could be devastating and all parties needed to know they were safe to operate to schedule.  Due to the small number of crew and sporadic on-site and filming dates, we recommended our ‘Flexible Testing Package’. This involves a minimal cost to purchase a set number of swab kits upfront, with a subsequent cost per test processed. This meant tests could be carried out as and when they needed them, prior to in-person contact, and they only paid for tests completed. With swab kits valid for 3 months, they've even got some left to use for their next production!

The end result was a cost-effective, flexible testing option to ensure they could robustly and rapidly identify and isolate any cases identified throughout their production, from pre-production to wrap-up.

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Blockbuster movies and binge-worthy streaming series

For this rolling project we worked in partnership with the premier production-focused occupational health provider in the UK, who supply a wrap-around service of safety protocols for the largest film and TV studios in the country.

Covid Testing Network focussed on individual testing plans, across productions, emphasising rapid test turnaround times to maximise productivity. From temperature check stations to weekly testing, and from protected contact bubbles to ‘Test to Release’ services (allowing international cast members to cut their quarantine after 5 days following a negative PCR test), we worked on site to assess risk, ensure early virus detection, and prevent the spread of Covid-19 on set.

With our full service Covid testing provision ensuring that every production has it’s unique requirements met and that the health, financial and reputational risks of a Covid outbreak are mitigated for.


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