Catch asymptomatic carriers before they spread the virus

By regularly testing asymptomatic workers we are able to identify the virus in its early stages and reduce the spread of infection. On engineering projects where workers have to spend hours at close quarters, rapid workplace screening offers protection to every team member, along with the reassurance that systems are in place to control any potential outbreak.

Choose the testing schedule that suits your teams

Some Engineering projects will require more intensive testing routines than others. Our nationwide network of testing laboratories can tailor a testing solution to meet any team's requirements, be it daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly screening.

Simple to implement. Same day results.

We have an experienced team of account managers ready to set up logistical processes within days. We also advise on how to interpret results. Results that are delivered within 24 hours allow firms to take action at the first sign of an infection, minimising unnecessary time off work as well as the risk of an outbreak. We offer a variety of affordable plans to suit different requirements and budgets. All tests are processed in ISO accredited laboratories adhering to the highest standards.


Covid Testing Network is highly respected across the healthcare sector. If you'd like more information or to discuss PCR testing options for your firm, please contact our Account Management team [email protected] 


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