Covid-19 travel testing requirements for:
Spain (including the Canary Islands)
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Covid-19 requirements for travel on 12th Sep 2021.
Page updated on 17.12.21 | Reviewed 17.12.21
Information is sourced from at the time of listing. Always check the full requirements on the UK Government website and via your travel operator including any additional conditions for entry (required documentation, exemptions etc.). Be aware: some destinations aren’t currently accepting travellers from the UK!
Entering into Spain (including the Canary Islands) from the UK if you are fully vaccinated
Sun 12th September 2021 | United Kingdom to Spain (including the Canary Islands)
Entry requirements
  • All persons entering Spain from other countries must complete the Health Control Form and obtain their QR code before travelling to Spain.
  • All UK residents arriving from the UK over 12 years old must be fully vaccinated in order to enter Spain. Please check this official government statement for more info.
  • EU citizens and accompanying family members of an EU citizen, residents of Spain, or those covered by one of the other exemptions listed may present alternative documentation to the vaccine certificate.
Testing requirements if you are fully vaccinated
Covid-19 tests are not part of the entry requirements for travel from the UK to Spain (including the Canary Islands).
  • Some travel providers may require a negative test prior to travel. Always check before your journey. View Fit to Fly providers
Post-arrival requirements if you are fully vaccinated
Our sources don't currently indicate that any testing or quarantine is required after you arrive in Spain (including the Canary Islands).

Rules change at very short notice. Always check full government guidance before you travel.
Rules for children
Children under 12 are exempt from testing, but must still fill out and present the Health Control Form.
Further information
  • Always check the full government guidance for travel to Spain (including the Canary Islands).
  • See supporting information here.
  • Recovery certificates are not accepted for UK and other third country nationals travelling to Spain.
  • If you are travelling through another country or territory (including transit stops or layovers) before you arrive in Spain (including the Canary Islands), please also check the Entry requirements for travel from that country.
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