How does it work?

We'll provide a quote based on the number of tests and turnaround time required. Once approved, we'll reserve lab time (note this can be moved, but it's important to get time allocated in advance) and organise bulk delivery of the individual testing kits to your preferred location(s). 

The kits will be ready for distribution to your employees as and when you are ready to use them. The packages include instructions and barcodes for GDPR compliant tracking of individual kits to protect your employees privacy. Each kit includes self-swabbing instructions, swab equipment and the return packaging. We recommend that you distribute kits in advance of the return to the office and ask employees to complete and post their swabs within 72 hours of their return to work. 

The Network Lab will process the results within 24 hours and provide the results electronically. 

How much does it cost?

The package is pre-paid upfront to reserve laboratory testing capacity:

  • £43 per employee - 24-hour turnaround
  • £37 per employee - 48-hour turnaround

Minimum order of 200 tests (indicative cost) with a reduction in price per test as testing numbers increase.

We provide a range of optional add-ons including pre-paid return postage and Fit2Fly certificates - ask the team for a quote. 

About Pool Testing

What is pool testing? Why is it so much cheaper than other options? Is it as good? Why doesn't everyone use it? 

These are all common questions that new customers ask us. In short, Pool Testing is a way to reduce laboratory time by processing up to 10 samples concurrently, without impacting the highly-accurate PCR testing process. It's a great option for Back-to-Work testing or regular bulk testing, delivering an affordable PCR testing option for employers. More information...


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